3D Dental Imaging

The latest Cone Beam CT 3D Imaging

Dr. Sperling's office features the latest in cone beam technology.


This advanced digital radiography technology provides us with a detailed three-dimensional image of roots, canals and bone structure beneath the surface of the teeth and gums.


With OP 300's fast, precise CT scans, you are exposed to minimal radiation, and our office no longer has to rely on two-dimensional X-rays for diagnosis and treatment planning.


Dr. Sperling uses the OP 300 Cone Beam CT scanner to help plan the placement of dental implants.


With these 3-D images, Dr. Sperling can examine the jawbone before surgery, making sure it is sufficient and healthy enough to hold an implant.

She's also able to determine exactly where the implant needs to be embedded, and the 3-D images can help decide which implant system is best for the patient.




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